Cocote Not Daily News

Bogota - January 2018

  • Reference photography of these peculiar event. Taken by a local viewer.

Giant coconut lands on the city

Last night, people from Bogota had a great shock, when a huge coconut fell from the sky. Once order was re-established, everybody got surprised one more time, when the coconut started talking.
"Hola, My name is Cocote" - he said, "which literally means "Big Coconut", but i was really named in order to make a reference to an ancient adage, in which the sages crush big coconuts, as they off course do, when they seek to resolve their biggest doubts."

"How did you end up here?" - asked a troubled citizen.

"Sages took adages very seriously" - He answered.

None was able to respond to that. It was hard not to believe him, it made not too much sense, but then again, he had such a pokerface. So after taking a quick glance he continued:

"I've never seen such tiny trees and people".
It was then, when a very curious child step forward and asked:

"what is the greatest thing there, wherever you came from?"

Cocote then said: "Games".

Cocote Game Studios is in town!
Promises to provide great, fun, very challenging experiences, that will make you smash some coconuts!